Push for a new advertising format that will give your brand the buzz that it needs. Augmented Reality (or AR) has become one of the hottest new advertising trends. Our team of experts can build an AR program especially customized for your brand that will surely create a hype and increase your brand’s consumer engagement.

What augmented reality do ?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the enhancement of real world environment using different ways of computer generated stimuli. AR engages rather than distracts by enriching user experience with tangible technologies. AR is the bridge between day-to-day through graphics, sound, 3-D rendering, animations and GPS location services to achieve the unlimited possibilities. Our applications stretches the potential of what Augmented Reality can present to the current and future mobile application industry.

The AR technology integrated in our applications are relevant and content-specific in real time. Through the utilization of AR technology (e.g. adding computer vision, object recognition, object manipulation) the information surrounding the real world allow users to become interactive, manipulable and augmented.

Check out the technology section for Augmented Reality demos:

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