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Augmented Reality

Push for a new advertising format that will give your brand the buzz that it needs. Augmented Reality (or AR) has become one of the hottest new advertising trends. Our team of experts can build an AR program especially customized for your brand that will surely create a hype and increase your brand’s consumer engagement

Key Features

  • 3D Animation
  • Interactive Ads
  • Content Manager

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Scratch It

ScratchIt TM is a PCSO lottery game that involves scratching a play area on the Adpod to reveal a winning symbol or pattern equivalent to a cash prize that is paid to the player immediately.


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The Spy

2 Adpods in different locations, the objective is to diffuse the bomb but the code is at the other Adpod located at the 2nd floor of the Mall. It’s a game against time! defuse the bomb and get a free ticket for a SPY movie.


Woooh ! A cool news adpod for philstar. Check out this awesome NewsPod !